carpet-cleaning-servicesCharles Carpet Cleaning is happy to announce its official portfolio of budget-friendly and hassle-free cleaning services. We guarantee to provide you full attendance in any cleaning area you require help. In addition to these, we can offer you low prices. Being budget-friendly, our cleaning services, though, are high quality and conducted to the common and latest cleaning standards. See more about each of our services now.

Carpet cleaning – deep and thorough sanitising of all carpet types. Stain removal and pre-treatment are also included. We remove any type of stains: including blood, red wine, coffee, ink, grass, mud. The cleaning method is selected depending on your carpet type, as well as how old and dirty it is. Two types of cleaning methods can be applied. We use steam cleaning for synthetic materials and older carpets. This is a hot water extraction method with modern machinery. Dry cleaning is applied for more delicate and natural materials.

Rug cleaning – specially tailored to meet the basic requirements for disinfection of the typical rug surface. Persian, Oriental rugs and even kilims can be accepted. Rugs are in most cases natural, or decorative, hand-knotted or antique. They require more delicate approach to cleaning. Dry foam and ordinary cleaning are the main methods we use. The detergents are also dry with no moisture or liquids – so shrinking and tearing can be avoided.

Bed bug treatment – the smart solution against pests from your bed. The can be actually not only annoying but also quite dangerous. Hiding a big risk for your health – like respiratory system problems, allergic reactions and serious dermatologic anomalies – bed bugs should be removed as soon as possible. Our methods are tested and certified. They cannot harm your healthy living space, your kids or a pet. The technicians instruct the customers what to do before and after the procedure, if necessary.

Mattress cleaning – sophisticated approach into removing stains, bad odour and any type of dirt. We handle the entire procedure without making customers to remove or move something. The procedure is recommended to be repeated at least once per half year for maximum results. If the mattress is old, the cleaning is comprehensive and with more vacuuming. After the procedure, the mattress is usable in few hours only. Quick drying system can be also applied for drying if required.

Upholstery cleaning – is a complex service that includes disinfection, sanitising, revitalising, stain removal, deodorising and refreshing chores. We accept all upholstery types: stools, seats, chairs, armchairs, dining stools, seats, divans and etc. In addition to these, curtain cleaning can be also done. Please, keep in mind that we provide the entire cleaning equipment. Note that our cleaning company has accepted an eco-friendly cleaning policy. No toxins or chemical products are applied during the procedures.

It is important for us to remind you that for any second cleaning service booked you will get a special discount! So hurry up and get your deal today!

If you need any more details or important information to know about our top-notched cleaning service, do not hesitate, but contact us. Our kind and polite customer support representatives will respond to you as soon as possible. Use this phone number 020 3404 4083 to contact us! Call us at any convenient for you time. We are available with no exceptions. The customer support services are fully and 100% in English! We will be glad to help and support you!