Charles Carpet Cleaning is a reputable carpet cleaning company in London. We receive thousands of orders for our hassle-free cleaning services per year. Most of the customers come back to us. And a big part of them recommends our cleaning company to their friends and relatives. We can brag about the fact that about every second customer comes to us due to a recommendation by another customer. We receive 95% positive feedback on our services. See some of the opinions now:

“I use these carpet cleaning services on a regular basis. I can tell for sure that you can toughly find such a professional attitude and attendance these days. Most companies only come and vacuum the carpet and leave you, telling you there is nothing they can do for the tough stains. But not this one. These guys removed all the greasy spots during their first visitation. This is why use these services for such a long time. And I won`t stop!”

“Thank you so much for helping me to get rid of the bed bugs. It`s only me, who knows what a nightmare I experienced…They were nasty and biting me all night long. I have lost my healthy sleep and I got desperate. Thanks one again for being next to me in this moment and for removing the bugs so fast! You saved my life. Literally…”

“I enjoy cleaning at home, but sometimes, my efforts are useless. There are things you should better trust professionals. And expensive upholstery cleaning is one of these things. I am satisfied with these services. The cleaners are well prepared for any situation”

“Good cleaning services on a budget. Of course, what I would recommend them is to expand their work. Some other services could be very helpful”

“Really nice job, guys! I have ordered mattress cleaning and you did really great. All the mattresses at home were cleaned in less than half a day. And they weren’t cleaned before…”

“Rugs were really fresh and fluffy. The service went quite long, but I do not regret for waiting. The effect was amazing. None of my daily routines could actually achieve it. “

“Pretty nice job with curtain cleaning. The prices are really low and you can afford to clean many things at home thanks to this company. Plus – everything look so safe with these cleaners. They were very nice guys and probably next time I will not even guard them during the procedure”

“Fantastic work! I had carpet cleaning service. It was fast and effective!”

“I have used many cleaning companies, but this one is really reliable. Plus – they offer affordable prices for any type of carpets you have”

“Recommend you the rug cleaning service, if you have a Persian rug and have worries how to treat it against dust and spots”

“Low prices, high quality services and very flexible. I managed to make them come urgently after spoiling my wife`s favourite carpet. Well, she did not even find out how badly I spoiled it!”