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Upholstery is delicate furniture you need to be more careful and patient about when it comes to maintenance. But if you haven’t got that much time or skills, better rely on the experts. If you entrust the upholstery cleaning to us, you will receive high-quality attendance at affordable rates. And you will save some free time for the rest housekeeping chores you’ve got! So don`t hesitate, but test our effective upholstery cleaning service in London. We also provide:

  • Free tip on upholstery cleaning
  • Mix with another service and receive a solid discount
  • No payments in advance, pay for what you get
  • Risk-free and hassle-free service for commercial and domestic use

Make a list with all the upholstery you possess and want to refresh. We accept all types of upholstery. Curtain cleaning is also available upon request. For further information, contact us. Our kind consultants will tell all the details you need to know. Just dial this phone number 020 3404 4083 and contact us at any convenient for you time. We respond to customer`s orders inquiries constantly! The customer support service is fully in English!

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Competitive Cleaning Services in London

Charles Carpet Cleaning has designed the right formula for upholstery cleaning. Our secret is that we accept all types of upholstery. And we never leave a property with an unfinished job. We can clean chairs, dining chairs, seats, stools, divans and even curtains. We clean synthetic materials, wool, leather, suede, linen and etc. Our talented cleaning teams start the procedure with a preliminary inspection of the item. Thus, the diligent and well-trained upholstery cleaners London can figure out the best sanitising approach:

  • Vacuuming and hovering to reduce the dust and to pre-treat the area
  • Steam upholstery cleaning or hot water extraction method is applied to manufactured items. A tiny nozzle sprays hot water under high pressure onto the upholstery, the treated spot is simultaneously vacuumed, only 5% of the moisture stays in upholstery.
  • The dry remedy is more suitable for delicate materials and 100% natural fibres. The upholstery becomes usable immediately and shrinking or tearing is avoided.
  • Stain removal: oily stains, paint, rust, blood, tea, coffee, vomit, wine and etc
  • Deodorising upon request organic bad odour removers are used only!
  • The service is suitable for home owners, hotels, public and private buildings and offices

Get Affordable Curtain Cleaning Now!

The hard-working and experienced upholstery cleaners in London are well qualified in professional curtains cleaning, too. If you have delicate curtains, old blinds or luxurious draperies, we can handle this housekeeping chore, too. The curtain cleaning procedure is fully moisture-free. We apply only revolutionary dry remedies that can remove the stains with no liquids. Water can damage the curtains, which is why we choose the risk-free method. It is faster and effective enough to combat bacteria and nasty smell. Curtains cleaning can be ordered with upholstery cleaning service. In this case, you will receive a special discount. For each second service booked Charles Carpet Cleaning grants you with a promotional offer!


I enjoy cleaning at home, but sometimes, my efforts are useless. There are things you should better trust professionals. And expensive upholstery cleaning is one of these things. I am satisfied with these services. The cleaners are well prepared for any situation


Order High-Quality Upholstery Cleaning!

Our specially tailored upholstery cleaning service is available for booking 365 days per year with no exceptions. To make a direct order, use the online booking form. If you have any questions regarding our trustworthy upholstery cleaning company London, do not hesitate to contact us. Get a free quote immediately! Call us on this phone number 020 3404 4083 for more details!

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