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Counting on your own skills in cleaning and stain removal is never enough to maintain fluffy, fresh and hygienic carpets. And when it comes to commercial carpets, it’s getting even more complicated, isn’t it? What you can use as a smarter and better alternative is professional carpet cleaning service. Our top rated carpet cleaning company in London can provide you with the required assistance at fraction of the cost. Don`t give up on your old, but yet favourite carpet. Give up trying to deep clean it with materials at hands, because we have a much better offer for you:

  • Fixed and affordable commercial and industrial carpet cleaning price list
  • Flexible payment methods, no hidden charges
  • Providing the entire equipment eco-friendly tools only!
  • Free surveys available on site

It is essential for any interior design to be projected among a hygienic environment. But carpet cleaning is not just an aesthetic problem. Here`s where the tiny bacteria love hiding. Here`s where the dust and the grime are quite much. Get rid of them by taking the benefits of our trustworthy carpet cleaning services. Make an instant reservation or get more details about our company right away. Give us a call on this phone number 020 3404 4083. Contact our consultants at any convenient time.

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Cleaning Approach & Effectiveness

Charles Carpet Cleaning has more than 10 years of experience in professional carpet cleaning services. By making researches and tests of new cleaning methods and detergents, we can now brag about the most effective formula against carpet stains, wasting and fading. We carefully examine the carpet at first to appoint the most suitable technique. The diligent and hard-working carpet cleaners London have all the necessary skills and the tools. We accept all types of carpets. And we can remove all stains: including blood, red wine, coffee, grass, mud, oily spots. Below you can see how the reliable carpet cleaning service works:

  • Vacuuming to remove the stain excesses and derbies
  • Hovering and dusting
  • Pre-treatment, if needed of stains – for wasted and faded carpet areas
  • Testing the detergent on the backside of the carpet to make sure it is safe for the procedure
  • Steam carpet cleaning – hot water extraction method – is applied on synthetic and old carpets. The biggest carpet manufacturers in the world recommend this method as the most efficient when it comes to deep cleaning
  • Dry cleaning remedy is applied on delicate and 100% natural items

Why Charles Carpet Cleaning London

It`s not only the individual approach and the rich experience we have in the field that makes us so reliable. Our first-class carpet cleaning company is also very strict when it comes to the eco-friendly cleaning policy. We never use harmful or chemical detergents. We care for your healthy living space and we make everything possible to preserve it. In addition to this, our modern carpet cleaning service in London is suitable for individual customers and for the business, too. Commercial and residential carpet cleaning is available round the whole year – including during the weekends or national holidays. The service is hassle-free and insured. We cover damages and losses in case of any omission! Last, but not least, the carpet cleaners are well-trained and gifted. They are 100% reliable – even for the dirtiest carpet ever!


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