About Us

charles-carpet-cleaning-mobilityCharles Carpet Cleaning is a big cleaning company that specializes in rugs, carpets, mattresses, upholstery furniture and curtains. We have started as a small family business, but today we are a reputable and top rated firm with a big variety of cleaning services to offer you. Through the years we have tried numerous practices and techniques to reach the best results with each individual customer. And we are not going to stop progressing. Our top mission is to try more and more innovative and effective cleaning methods and detergents. All we want is to provide you fast results at a small fee. Eventually, when you get satisfied we can be confident to have done our job.


The Secret for the Perfect Hygiene

We understand how valuable your time is. But we want to remind you that no person can reach his goals without being healthy. And cleanliness is such a significant part of being healthy! If you keep your living and working space pure and bacteria-free you have done the first step to a healthy lifestyle. And don’t forget that cleanliness begins with small efforts made of you…This is what we want you to do – the smallest effort ever, to contact us and let the professionals do their job! Our cleaning company hires only experienced, well-educated and trustworthy cleaners. We invest in their qualification and preparation to make them expert and skillful enough for any carpet type, for any stain to remove. We know that for us the best cleaners in town work. They are vetted and insured, so your property and valuable items are 100% safe! And in addition to this, we also equip them with the most modern and effective cleaning equipment.


Efficient Eco Carpet Cleaning in London

Charles Carpet Cleaning has accepted the eco-friendly cleaning policy. All of our sanitizing methods and disinfection products, stain removers and detergents are organic. We apply nontoxic products or items. We believe that the perfect hygiene price should not be high, but affordable to anybody. This is why we have low prices and we use no chemicals. You don’t have to risk your healthy living space for brilliance or stain removal.


Contact Our Professional Cleaning Company in London

Dear clients, we are available for your orders or questions. You can contact our polite customer support representatives via this phone number 020 3404 4083! Do not hesitate to learn more about cleaning methods or our company today. We would be truly happy to know that we can help with anything. Start living healthily by establishing a new higher level of hygiene in your life. Let the experts become a significant part of this important clean life with no bacteria and no stains!